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Artisan gourmet salads delivered straight to your gym!

Jump start your healthy lifestyle by bringing the benefits of superfoods + salad greens straight to your doorstep, consistently. Eat smarter, without working harder. Enjoy delicious healthy salads daily + crowd out the junk instead of craving it! Start Getting Your Salads TODAY.  FREE DELIVERY TO THE EXERCISE COACH

The artisan gourmet salads are created by Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach Chanala Rubenfeld.  Salads 2 Your Door offers a simple, convenient and inexpensive solution to ensure healthy and mindful eating without all of the shopping, chopping and prep work involved.

Studies have shown that adding greens to your daily diet, on a consistent basis, significantly reduces cravings and promotes weight loss. Start reaping the benefits with a daily delicious and healthy salad. Salads 2 Your Door makes it convenient!  Always be prepared to enjoy a salad at home, work, or on the go, each day of the work week. Each salad is mindfully crafted to provide a healthy balance of vegetarian protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, that are ideal for optimal health, wellness and weight-loss!  

What You Get:

With our salad delivery service, you’ll receive 3 or 5 full meal salads, delivered to your gym every Monday morning. This service guarantees that you stay on track with your goals, regardless of how busy you are, what kind of mood you’re in or whether you went grocery shopping or not. It’s like having an in-house personal nutritional health coach + chef to hold you accountable and keep you on track with YOUR goals.

Each salad comes complete with everything you need,  including a fork, so you can always be prepared to take, go and eat.  All salads are vegetarian (mostly vegan) and made using organic, fresh, (mostly) gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients so you get the healthiest, heartiest kosher meals at your doorstep for less than what you'd pay at a restaurant!  


1Soup add-on: Receive a 32 ounce container of a different soup, each week.

2. Grilled Chicken add-on: Receive two individually packaged pieces of grilled chicken to add to the salad of your choice.

3Smoothie add-onReceive two 16 ounce containers of smoothie ingredients ready to blend and enjoy!

4. Yogurt Parfait add-on: Receive two 12 ounce Greek yogurt parfaits, topped with our hand-crafted toasted granola.  

Ready to take charge of your health?

I’m Chanala.

I’m here to help you look and feel better than ever by making healthy eating simple, delicious & convenient. 

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a salad delivery?

How It Works:

  1. Sign up. Each salad is $12.50 (incl. tax) with FREE DELIVERY.

  2. Open your confirmation email and enter your preferences, dislikes and/or allergies.

  3. Receive your first 5 salads on the following Monday morning by 9am.

  4. Enjoy the variety of salads and start feeling energized and healthy.

  5. Optional: Suspend your delivery anytime, for travel and/or vacation.

    What People are Saying:

    "I ate this salad for lunch and it was even more delicious than it looks here, even this beautiful pic doesn't do it justice! Yay me for getting all those vitamins and minerals in me today!" - Sharon Harris. 

    “I can't sing enough praises about salads 2 your door. If you are a busy person who doesn't have the time to shop, chop and prepare , but still want healthy and nutritious salads then salads 2 your door is what you NEED!" - Sarah G. 

    " The salads are so good. Each one better than the next. I'm so glad I finally decided it was important." - Jennifer

    " My doctor was so impressed at my recent check, she asked what I did differently the past few months and the only thing I could think of was signing up to your salads. She asked for your info; she wants to sign up!" - Sue Ellen

    "The salads look so delish! This is the best service EVER!!! I have told lots of my friends about it!" - Emily W.

    "Look how skinny I got! I tell everyone! It's because of your salads!" I. Y.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of salads do you deliver?

The salads are always changing. All salads are vegetarian and 90% are vegan. If you need your salads to be all vegan, please specify in the preferences form. Each salad contains a balance of healthy fats, proteins, complex carbs and greens. Sample salads include, but aren’t limited to: Sample Salads served in the past include, but aren’t limited to: Marinated BBQ Tofu Bowl Rainbow Edamame Cabbage Salad with miso-ginger dressing Arugula watermelon salad with a balsamic glaze Mediterranean quinoa salad with spicy roasted chickpeas Greek Feta Salad Summer farro salad with garlicy roasted tomatoes and basil Kale Sweet potato Avocado salad, with tahini dressing and many more mouthwatering salads that will be rotated throughout the month

Do they last the entire week?

Salads are vacuum sealed with an oxygen absorber packet to ensure that salads remain crispy and fresh all week long.

What if I have an allergy or a food that I really don’t like?

Upon your payment you will receive an email with the option for you to fill out your allergies and dislikes. Each salad will be custom prepared with your preferences in build.

If I order for me and my spouse is there a discount?

Yes, if you order for you and your spouse there is a 25% discount off the second order. Use this link to check out: bit.ly/salads4spouse and your 25% discount to your spouses order will be applied automatically.

Do I keep getting billed until I stop?

Your subscription automatically renews each month, unless you cancel it. To cancel or suspend your subscription, fill out this form bit.ly/suspendcancel. There is no fee for canceling.

What happens with my salads if I go on vacation?

If you need to suspend your account for a week or two simply fill out this form bit.ly/suspendcancel before midnight on Wednesday prior to the week/s you need canceled. You will receive a credit for the weeks you do not receive your delivery.

How many salads to do I get?

Each week you will receive 5 individually packaged salads, one for each workday of the week.

Can I choose which salads I want?

There is not an option to choose which salads you would like to receive. Each week the salads vary. Upon subscription you will receive an email with the option to fill out a preference form of your dislikes and allergies to ensure that each salad is custom tailored to your liking.

What areas do you deliver to?

Salads are currently delivered – but not limited – to the following zip codes. If you live in a different zip code please contact us through the contact form at chanalar.com to see if this is available. 63005, 63017, 63011, 63021, 63124, 63117, 63141, 63146, 63132, 63131, 63119, 63123, 63130, 63105, 63303, 63043. If you aren’t local to the St. Louis area, check out our Salad Kit Delivery Service available throughout the US at www.saladkits.com

Is there a calorie count per salad?

There is not yet a calorie count per salad. The salads range from 250 – 400 calories/salad.

Do you use preservatives?

No, these salads to not contain any preservatives, mayonnaise or sugar.

Are the salads kosher?

Yes. These salads are prepared in a kosher kitchen using all kosher certified products.

I don't see my question listed here, is there a way I can ask you directly?

Of course! Simply send it to us via our contact form at www.chanalar.com/contact

Can I cancel or suspend my subscription?

Yes! You can easily and quickly suspend or cancel your subscription by filling out this form bit.ly/suspendcancel

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