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One on One Coaching

Complete well-being
for your unique life
done for you, with you.

Are you finally ready to change your way of living?

Achieve your biggest health aspirations and stay off the diet rollercoaster for good with my 6-month one-on-one coaching program.

I’ll help you cut through the chaos so you can eat well, look good and feel great every day.

No gut-busting bootcamps. No deprivation diets. No hype.

Because despite the celebrity advice and infomercial promises, real success takes empowerment, accountability, and a whole lot of hand-holding.

I’ll dig deep into your health history to design a comprehensive wellness plan around your unique lifestyle. You’ll learn how to:

  • EAT FOR YOUR BEST SELF – gently control cravings and indulge guilt-free.
  • FEEL GREAT ALL DAY – reframe your mindset for a brighter outlook from sunup to sundown.
  • HAVE MORE ENERGY – bring balance to your life and get more time for the people and things you love most.
  • MAKE HEALTHY LIVING PRACTICAL – uncomplicate dieting and enjoy exercise.

I’ll help you create healthy habits in every area of your life, bringing balance and energy back into your world – for good.

Here’s Whats Included:



You’ll have my full attention – including access to everything I know about nutrition, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ll work right beside you to ensure your biggest health goals become your day-to-day reality.


Everything you need to make it work this time: fully customized menus, recipes, meal planners, shopping lists, snacking + craving management guide, self-care and morning rituals, and hand-selected reading and watching material.



An individualized collection of high-quality health tools: recipe book, premium reusable water bottle, personalized bracelet, a selection of gourmet indulgences, and specialty audio and video material for a successful mindset.


We’ll review your progress every other week, a total of 12 personal sessions. My approach is compassionate and judgment-free, but I WILL keep you accountable. Together we’ll break through your barriers and get to your goals.

*You’ll also get access to my private facebook group where you can find support from women who know exactly what you’re going through.

Here’s The Thing: You want to step it up in the healthy living department but with all the “expert” information and contradicting advice, finding a doable, long-term solution feels impossible. But it’s not.

Women just like you are taking back control of their health and their lives.

Here are some of their most common questions.

Diets, supplements, cleanses, etc. all have one thing in common: they treat the symptoms of an
unhealthy life. One on one coaching goes much deeper. We get to the root cause to gently and naturally
cure you of the stuff that’s been dragging you down for years. Working with a coach also helps cut
through the guilt, confusion and overwhelm that often sabotages your success when you go it alone.

You probably know by now that I don’t believe in diet gimmicks. I’m all about small steps that lead to
BIG change and by the end of the six months, that’s exactly what you’ll see. I will show you fast, easy
steps for losing weight on the very first day but more importantly, we’ll work a plan that lets you lose
weight without obsessing, and teaches you how to keep it off long-term.

Your long-term health is my first priority. I am completely engaged in every call, I stay very active in my
facebook group and you can always reach me by email. I’ll never leave your questions unanswered.

This is a personalized service with the emphasis on personal. Everything we do will be designed to work
for you, even on your busiest days. The actions steps are small (but mighty!) and you can totally bounce
back if you miss a day.

Only you can answer that for sure, but I can promise you this: I will give you everything you need to
create a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. We will build healthy habits in every area of your life
and after six months of working together, these habits will become second nature. If you are truly ready
to be done with the health hype and just need someone to help pave a realistic path to get you there,
this is option for you.

You deserve to feel great. You deserve to live life on your own terms. You deserve to take care of yourself.

And isn’t it time to get what you deserve?

Let’s talk about how to make it as easy and fun as possible.

Let's talk about how...

“This is no passing fad or quick fix. Chanala gave me tools I can always use!”

I’d been wanting to change my lifestyle and improve my overall health for a while, but I really didn’t know how to make it happen. Then I heard Chanala had become a health coach and that changed everything! I’ve known Chanala long enough to know that everything she does, she does well!

From the second I started working with her I went from feeling hopeless to feeling positive and enthusiastic. Her personal warmth and professional knowledge are a fantastic motivating force! She met me right where I was on my health journey – no pressure, no expectations. She was extremely adaptable to my situation and completely willing to meet challenges head-on.

If you want someone to help you reach your personal goals without pressure, hire Chanala! She will get you to your goals, while at the same time gently inspiring you to go even further. After this, you’ll be fully empowered to make the right choices for your health.


Late Night Snacker & Mother of Four

“I was completely blown away by how small changes could have such a big impact on my life!”

Chanala helped me change my least favorite habits into positive actions. I’m now the proud owner of a happy and healthy lifestyle!

-Karina Montatsky

Life-Long Chocoholic & Mom of Two Boys

“Chanala taught me to be my best self!”

Chanala’s soul is gold! Her passion for health goes beyond anything I have ever seen. Her “whole being” approach is full of love for the mind, body, and spirit. She reminds me every day how important it is to fuel our bodies with good nutrition and love of ourselves, with the right amount of spiritual wisdom mixed in.

She’s warm, funny – someone you could talk to for hours! She never judges and always listens with all her heart. She is not out to change you. Her goal is to guide you to your best self. And she walks the talk! Chanala is someone who can raise six boys, get a healthy dinner on the table and still has time to follow her passion as a health coach.


What makes me different from all the other health coaches out there?

Well, I’m trained and certified (like all the rest). I’ve helped lots of people (yeah, and so has everyone else). And I eat and live healthy (just like the other guys do). So what really makes me different? It’s more about what I don’t do. It’s more about what I don’t do.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits all. I don’t believe in “diets.” I don’t believe in deprivation.

I believe in you – in your ability to dictate what’s right for your body and your life.​

My ultimate goal is to make healthy living feel fun, easy, and natural – so you can stick with it.

Because everyone deserves to live a long, beautiful life (full of joy, family, and yes, chocolate!).

So let’s create a solution that will last. One that makes your whole life easier, happier and totally delectable.

Ready for a plan you can feel good about?

Don’t need all the personal attention? Take a look at my group program, Your Way in 90 Days. And remember, I’m here to help. Feel free to contact me with your questions, either by phone (click that little button above) or by email at

One-Time Payment

  • 12 private coaching sessions (value $2,249)
  • Customized resources; menu plans, recipes, shopping lists, and so much more (value $397)
  • Gift Box (value $297)
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls (value $1,560 total)
$2,499 ( a $303 savings)

Monthly Plan

  • 12 private coaching sessions (value $2,249)
  • Customized resources; menu plans, recipes, shopping lists, and so much more (value $397)
  • Gift Box (value $297)
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls (value $1,560 total)
$650/month for 4 months