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Wellness Workshops &
Cooking Demonstrations

Make Your Event Unforgettable.

Wellness Workshops bring excitement, energy and action to your live event.

We’ve all been to events where we walk away thinking, “Sure, that was inspiring, but what can I do about it?”

Unlike a standard presentation, Wellness Workshops are completely hands-on. Each workshop incorporates interactive healthy living demos, keeping your audience engaged from beginning to end.​

Attendees will leave your event with everything they need to immediately improve the way they eat, think and live.​

As an active mom and member of my community, I have over a decade’s experience speaking to women’s groups, retreats, entrepreneurial organizations, business associations, and many more diverse audiences.

Discover real happiness that you can taste through an interactive cooking demonstration led by Chanala Rubenfeld, a certified health coach. Learn how to prepare a simple, healthy and delicious meal that will inspire you to lead a life of true health, happiness and harmony.

Lecture Topics

– Raising healthy kids. 5 steps to starting your kids off with a healthy, balanced head start in life.

– Reaching your goals is within your reach. Creating an empowered mindset for success.

– Nourishing your body and soul. Age old insights into balancing both your body and soul.

– A busy mom NEEDS time for herself. Learn how to integrate self care even in the busiest of times.

-Judaism’s take on what does healthy mean? A spiritual dose of meaningful happiness.

My focus is on positive behaviors and actions etc. Lasting change comes when it comes to you naturally, not when it is “forced or “controlled”. I believe the positive is the focus it is the most way to natural way to “crowd out” the negative habits and they just fall by the wayside without having to focus on them at all.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the lovely feedback I’ve heard over the years:

“I took your advice and it helped me immensely!”

“Chanala’s presentation was so practical. Definitely my favorite!”

“I left the event with practical tips I could use right away.”

I’ll help you deliver a value-packed program they’ll never forget.